We know it can be tough watching your child struggle with learning.

Our Easy and Fun-To-Do Therapy Re-Trains Your Child’s Brain, Improves Their Self-Esteem, and Helps Them Be Successful Without Medication

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Who We Are

ThinkFast was created by Learning Technics. Watch this video to learn more:

Who We Can Help

Our therapy provides solutions for children, seven and older, who struggle with:

Who We Can Help

Learning Disorders

  • ADD / ADHD

    ADD / ADHD

    A mental disorder characterized by focus, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness problems. People with ADD/ADHD often have difficulty paying attention, sitting still, and controlling their impulses. This can lead to problems in school, work, and social situations.
  • Dyslexia


    Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects reading skills. It is a neurological disorder that makes it difficult for the brain to process written language.
  • Learning Disabilitities

    Learning Disabilitities

    The most common learning disorders are: Dyslexia (difficulty reading), Dyspraxia (difficulty with coordination), Dysgraphia (difficulty writing) and Dyscalculia (difficulty with math).
  • Processing Disorders

    Processing Disorders

    Auditory processing disorders (APDs) affect how the brain processes auditory information. Visual processing disorder (VPD) can cause issues with the way the brain processes visual information. If your child has difficulty with communication, it could be due to a language processing disorder.

How We Help

ThinkFast was developed by Learning Technics, a company that has been successfully helping children overcome learning difficulties for over 30 years.

Learning Technics uses Physio-Neuro Therapy, a multi-sensory program, to permanently correct learning struggles and help students succeed academically and professionally. The therapy involves fun and exciting exercises that strengthen a child's neurological processes and can include spelling, writing, and reading. This collaborative approach engages a child's cognitive ability and has already helped thousands of students.

In ThinkFast you will be provided:

  • Daily Exercises. Physio-Neuro Therapy is not like traditional school work. It is more similar to physical therapy. Everyday there will be a few activities, we call daily exercises, for your student to perform that will permantently re-train their brain.
  • Life Management Concepts. Every week the students choose a skill called a Life Management Concept that they will learn about throughout the week. These skills help prepare your student to lead successful and fulfilling life after finishing ThinkFast.
  • Student Success Guide. You aren't on your own. Each student will be provided a trained Student Success Guide to make sure you have the help you need. These guides help to answer questions and make sure that students are progressing on their journey.
  • At-Home Materials Kit. As you begin your journey on ThinkFast you will need specific materials to complete most of the activities. Not to worry! We will send you everything you need in order to make the most of your experience.


Watch these videos to hear from a few of the many people who have benefited from our programs:




Is This Program Right For You?

Many parents come to us to learn more about the difficulties their child is experiencing, or the symptoms they may be displaying.


Estimated time 5 minutes

Every child is unique, so a standard one size fits all approach is not effective. This quiz is a tool to show you the specific areas our therapy would focus on to overcome the learning challenges your child is facing.

ThinkFast is intended for anyone 7 years or older – including adults.

Take the short preliminary quiz for any of the areas of concern listed below.

  • Focus
  • Academic
  • Cognitive
  • Reading
  • Social
  • Behavior
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Auditory
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What Do We Look For?

Issues with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning difficulties can be a result of one or many different processes our brain needs to function. We focus on 10 of them that we refer to as the 10 Essential Processes.


The ability to keep the eyes and mind on a specific item or task.


Cross Pattern
The ability to coordinate both sides of the body and brain simultaneously.


Motor Match
The ability of all parts of the brain to respond on cue.


Mental Picture
The ability to make mental pictures, form and hold a visual image.


The ability to move the eyes from focal point to focal point with smooth, accurate movements. The ability to respond in a correct sequence.


Figure Ground
The ability to focus on a specific item or task amid distraction.


Directional Discrimination
The ability to distinguish directional orientation without relying on visual clues.


Position in Space
The ability to determine relationships.


The ability to determine importance or magnitude.


The ability to use all of the mental processes to conceptualize.

Ready To Make Learning Easier?

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